BPUG Kongress 2016 Round Table 14

BPUG Kongress 2016: Round Table Session 14
(Zweite Runde: 15:00 -16:00 Uhr)


‘Battle’ between Mindfulness- and Rule-Based Project Management
Elmar Kutsch


The ‘traditional’ – and often espoused as ‘self-evidently correct’ – mode of project management is to use a ‘rule-based’ approach. This method posits that success can be achieved through the prescription of repeatable suites of decision rules, processes, and associated actions. This allows project managers to ‘pre-load’ actions to deal with ‘normal and known’ risks – informed by knowledge gained from their occurrence in the past.

Where rule-based management is defined as an “an attempt to make the best choice from among available options” ‘mindfulness-based’ project management relies on the ability “to create options” (Langer 1997, p. 114). When  mindful, people’s experiences are sensitive to their environment and they feel in the present moment (Langer 1989, Langer 1997). It is: “the combination of on-going scrutiny of existing expectations, continuous refinement and differentiation of expectations based on newer experiences, willingness and capability to invent new expectations that make sense of the unprecedented events, a more nuanced appreciation of context and ways to deal with it, and identification of new dimensions of context that improve foresight and current functioning.” (Weick and Sutcliffe 2001, p. 32).

Where do YOU stand? Do you believe that we have to make people compliant to adhere to standards of project management? Do you believe that we have to free people from the shackles of an ‘tick-box mentality’, and allow people to be creative beyond procedures, rules and past-uniformed tools and techniques?

Join this ‘battle’ of conflicting views, a debate on the future of project management. We want you!

Über den Vortragenden:
see: https://www.cranfield.ac.uk/som/people/dr-elmar-kutsch-838315

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